At present we have network edition running on a Centos platform. My Blackberry can connect over IMAP. This is of course quite limited, and I was interested to hear of the BES Express beta program.

This is where I get very confused. I was hoping for a simple plugin for Zimbra, running on the same server, which would fully integrate Blackberry into the Zimbra server...

I was stunned to realise that to implement BES Express I will need the following:

New hardware (dedicated server)
Install **Windows** 2003
Install Outlook !!!
What looks like a pretty complex installation, configuration and provisioning exercise

All our servers are Linux. We don't want to get involved with Windows!

Have I understood correctly? Sorry if I seem a bit out of touch, but this all seems completely OTT!

Is there not a simpler method for integrating my Blackberry with Zimbra with a simple plugin?