I'm really sorry if this a repeat or a stupid question.....but here goes....

I work in Birmingham, UK, and the education dept has set all schools up with Zimbra as the email and calendar provider.
My current school account was set up on the BB over 8 months ago, and has worked perfectly since then.

I set this account up by following the email set up on the BB, this needed further info, so I set the account to POP3, set the mail server to mail.myvle.org and used the correct user name and password.

This worked a treat, I have been able to send, receive and synch the zimbra account with the BB.

However, I am moving to a new school in January, and they have set me up on the zimbra account at the new school. So I tried the same method of setting up on the BB, but each time it is unable to connect, saying that it is not able to log in to the account/server.
Interestingly the BB server does send an email to the zimbra account, and is received on the account when I log into the zimbra on my Mac.
But, and this is the annoying part, I am totally unable to set up the account.

I have tried to delete the current zimbra email account and try the new one, still no joy. Then I reset up the existing account and it worked perfectly.

The email address and user names are very simliar and I have set the same password for both. Would this cause any form of conflict?
After calling the local education authority tech support, they said I should keep trying as it is a "trial and error" process! Great support.

So, I turn to this forum in the hope that anyone can help me!

Much appreciated.