Hi everyone.

I am setting up a zimbra environment for testing, and im trying to get the blackberry stuff working.

So far I have the following setup.

- 2 Zimbra servers (6.0.8) at different sites (1 at head office, and 1 at a branch)
- These zimbra servers are named ho-zimbra.ho.betterequine.com.au, and oakmill-zimbra.oml.betterequine.com.au
- At head office, I have setup a windows 2008r2 server and installed outlook 2007 SP2, zimbra blackberry connector 6.5, and the blackberry enterprise server express 5.0.2
- The outlook profiles were setup using the admin@ho-zimbra.ho.betterequine.com.au account
- The 2008 server also has active directory installed with the domain ho.betterequine.com.au
- All the email accounts in zimbra are installed under the betterequine.com.au domain.

I have followed the instructions outlined in the document for the blackberry connector, and i do believe it is talking to the zimbra server since there are entries in the mailbox.log which have the ip address of the blackberry server


2010-10-15 13:30:54,978 INFO [btpool0-42://ho-zimbra.ho.betterequine.com.au:7071/service/admin/soap//AdminWaitSetRequest] [name=admin@ho-zimbra.ho.betterequine.com.au;mid=2;ip= ;ua=ZimbraConnectorForBES/6.5.5391.0;] soap - AdminWaitSetRequest

The problem I have at the moment is the only account that the blackberry server is able to find is admin@ho-zimbra.ho.betterequine.com.au

when I try to search for any other account in the betterequine.com.au domain, it returns the error The BlackBerry Administration Service cannot find the records you were looking for. Verify the search criteria you specified and try again. I have tried adding an account in the ho-zimbra.ho.betterequine.com.au domain, and the same error appears.

Does anyone know where I am going wrong.