Hi to all....

I'm configure BES Express to connect to Zimbra to use BlackBerry device. My environment is:

- ZCS Version 6.0.8_GA_2661.NETWORK in a RedHat 64bits
- Windows 2008 64bits Service Pack 2
- ZimbraBESConnector-6.5.0_GA_2381_6.5.5391.0
- Microsoft Outlook 2007 Service Pack 2

- In zimbra administration I create a user called: besadmin@domain.com and is Global Administrator

- I'm loggin with user besadmin@domain.com and create two profiles in outlook:
BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfile and BlackBerryServer with this configuration:

Server Name: zcs.domain.com:7071
Email Address: besadmin@domain.com
Pasword: xxxxx

In the profile I check box of security connection.

- I create a domain (dcpromo) in my Windows 2K8 with the same domain's name (domain.com)

And I install BES Express with the only error of MAPI who show in the Administrator Guide of ZCB 6.5 page 18.

Once installed, I access to web administration of BES, and all is correct, but if I add new any user he don't show the users, he show the error:

The BlackBerry Administration Service cannot find the records you were looking for. Verify the search criteria you specified and try again

My log of ZCS show:

2010-11-02 10:57:26,109 INFO [btpool0-397://zcs.domain.com:7071/service/admin/soap//AuthRequest] [name=besadmin@zcs.domain.com;ip=x.x.x.x;ua=ZimbraC onnectorForBES/6.5.5391.0;] security - cmd=AdminAuth; account=BESAdmin@zcs.domain.com;

2010-11-02 10:57:26,109 INFO [btpool0-397://zcs.domain.com:7071/service/admin/soap//AuthRequest] [name=besadmin@zcs.domain.com;ip=x.x.x.x;ua=ZimbraC onnectorForBES/6.5.5391.0;] security - cmd=Auth; account=besadmin@zcs.domain.com; protocol=soap;

Another question: I open Outlook with any profile (BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfile and BlackBerryServer), when I send/receive, he show errors..... this is normal ?

I read the post http://www.zimbra.com/forums/zimbra-...r-express.html but don't solved my problem

thanks in advance.