Here is what we currently have and was wondering if you guys knew if the following option would work.

We are currently running ZCS 6 on Ubuntu and moving from an old win server 2000 with Exchange. We have a Third server on win 2K that is used only with BES on it to accomodate 5 Blackberry users.
We are also running SAP on a new Win server 2K3 R2 (64-bit)

to resume:
1- ZCS 6 on Ubuntu
2- win server 2000 w/ exchange
3- win server 2000 w/ BES
4- SAP on server 2K3 R2 (64-bit)

So my problem is that we need to migrate from exchange (no problem) but with BES.
So the option is to install BESx (free) but I have to install it on the SAP machine (refuse to pay another license for Win 2003 just to run BESx), but it is not ideal; so the question is, COULD I VIRTUALIZE the SAP MACHINE TO RUN BESx WITH ZCB?