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Thread: BESX 5.0 Installation issue on ZCS NE 6.0/ZCB6.5

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    Default BESX 5.0 Installation issue on ZCS NE 6.0/ZCB6.5


    We are experiencing a problem installing Zimbra Connector for Blackberry.

    We have completed following steps successfully:
    i) Installation of W2k3
    ii) Installation of Outlook 2007 and upgradation to SP2
    iii) Installation of Zimbra Connector for Blackberry 6.5
    iv) Installation of ExchangeCDO 1.2.1

    Subsequently, during installation of BES 5.0.2, we are stuck at the point when it asks for Exchange Server details. Attached screen shots of prompts where the wizard gets stuck.

    Look forward to a quick reply.
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