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Thread: [SOLVED] GAL + first time user blackberry

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
    I don't believe you have the same problem, the BES connector is for the Network Edition of Zimbra and your profile says you're using the Open Source edition. Unless you actually have the NE version then the BES connector won't work for you.
    Hi phoenix,

    thanks for so a quick response. I didn't know, I've never seen that in the prerrequisites or the AdminGuide. Now, searching. I've seen it at Zimbra - Compare Products. Thanks a lot.

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    Hey guys,

    we have the same problem:

    *25* ERROR: Zimbra::Rpc::Connection::SendRequest - failed on WinHttpSendRequest(...), Error Code: 12007(The server name could not be resolved.)
    09-05-2011 16:21:58.099 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. RPC Exception - SendRequest failed with Error 0x2ee7. Desc The server name could not be resolved.
    09-05-2011 16:21:58.099 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. unexpected RPC exception, reissuing the request
    09-05-2011 16:21:58.099 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. failed adding wait account from user list: besadmin@zimbra.intern
    09-05-2011 16:21:58.099 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. going to retry wait set request, nothing to process. this is not necesarily an error.
    That's it, every two minutes the same log.

    We use the trial version of Zimbra Network Edition with BESx on Windows 2008 Server R2.

    Maybe someone can help us.

    Thanks in advance!

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