Hi all,

we have a BESX running for some time with ZCB 6.5 connected to a Zimbra 6.0.5. Everything is working pretty stable. Activation of users was never a problem. Email, contact and calendar sync works with only some minor problems.

But we see a very strange thing every ~4-6 weeks, that happens to the majority of all users. Out of a sudden, all users can not send mails from their BBs. When they try to send a mail, they get:

transaction error – decryption error
The users still receive mails, contacts, appointments. They can even see the mails they have send through the WebUI or Outlook. The only way to work around that is to regenerate the key on the BB:

go to Device Options > Security > General Settings.
Go to the bottom and highlight where it says “Desktop” and click on it.
There should be an option to “Regenerate Encryption Keys”

After regenerating the keys, the user can send mails again from the BB. I wonder what is causing that problem and if it is a known thing...