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Thread: Blackberry Message Receipt Confirmation Tool

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    Default Blackberry Message Receipt Confirmation Tool

    Has anyone had any luck getting the Blackberry Message Receipt Confirmation Tool to work with Zimbra ?

    The concept seems pretty straight forward. The tool sends a message to a device, and the device replies back with a delivery confirmation. If the tool can't get a delivery confirmation it assumes there is something wrong with the server and notifies the administrator.

    Our test device is receiving the messages from the tool and is sending delivery confirmation messages back. But the tool never sees the confirmation messages and assumes things are broken.

    If there are similar tools I'd love to hear about them. Our administrators are not blackberry users and we need a easy way to know when BES isn't working properly.

    I'm using the tool with BES connector 6.5. We are using BES 5.0.2, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of interaction with BES itself other than to get a list of devices to work with.

    Edit to add: I upgraded the connector to 7.0, but things still do not work

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