This is my first time installing BES for use with Zimbra. We're on an evaluation license. ZimbraConnect version is

I have attempted to follow the guide to the letter and read through the posts here.

Our issue occurs in the MAPI setup portion of the BES installation. After filling in the fields with our Global Admin mailbox created for BES's information, and clicking "Check Name", I get this error:

The setup application could not contact the Microsoft Exchange server to check the name of the mailbox.

In the BES install logs, I get the below error:

[30000] (04/18 12:36:10.871):{0xC74} <3>Apr 18 12:36:10 zblackberry {0x8D0} 0517: (#10000) GetDCInfoEx failed for server/domain [], code [1722]
[30000] (04/18 12:36:10.871):{0xC74} <3>Apr 18 12:36:10 zblackberry {0x8D0} 0518: (#10000) CExchangeServer::GetExtendedInformation could not obtain a DC for Exchange server [], code [25]
[30000] (04/18 12:36:10.871):{0xC74} <5>Apr 18 12:36:10 zblackberry {0x8D0} 0519: (#30000) CMAPICon::AmbiguousNameResolutionQuery has [0] results for [] using GC [], return [71]
[30000] (04/18 12:36:10.871):{0xC74} <5>Apr 18 12:36:10 zblackberry {0x8D0} 0520: (#30000) CMAPIDlg::OnCheckName had no matches to display as there was a server error

One post I read suggested we check to confirm the Outlook profile for Blackberry can access the GAL. I assume this means from the Outlook profile installed on the BES server. If it is important, I cannot access the GAL or send e-mail from this profile, though I can from the web.

I can access the web client via HTTPs.

Thanks in advance.