I cannot retrieve the right GAL to create users on BES.


I have a Zimbra envrionment with several domains. The Blackberry Global Admin user exists in, while my actual mailboxes exist in gets its GAL from an Exchange server.

When I configured BES, had an Internal GAL.

When I finished BES, I found the only users available to create BES accounts for were the two in the GAL. I then configured to refer to the same Exchange server for its GAL that refers to.

This was less than 24 hours ago.

Logging on to the web client as the BES mail user on Zimbra, I see the proper Exchange based GAL.

When I logon with local Outlook, I see them same GAL that BES sees (


Does the BES user list / company directory refer to the address book of the local Outlook installation? I tried to force the client to download a new address book but that option is missing from Outlook.

Should my BES mail user on Zimba belong to the domain it is supporting, either for outright functionality or best practice?

Will I need a BES for each domain?


I'm willing to start from scratch with BES if needed. This is, hopefully, an eval to prod environment so I want to apply best practice whenver possible.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.