Hi All -
We're running ZCS NE and have been for nearly 2 1/2 years. We've been using Windows Mobile (Samsung Jack) phones for corporate mobile access and there have been a lot of issues with the stability and reliability of these phones and we're not sure if it's an issue with Windows phones in general or if the Samsung Jack is simply an inferior phone.

Anyway, we've been getting a lot of pressure from users and management to find a new solution. Some like Blackberry devices and really want this to be the end solution. Blackberry devices are acceptable to our IT staff and management but what concerns us is that Zimbra is not listed as a supported platform in the Blackberry documentation and the thought of calling RIM with a support question and being denied support because we're not running a supported mail server is very scary.

So I have a few questions to pose to the community about your experience with BES and Zimbra NE. Hopefully your responses will help us make a better informed decision.

  1. Has anyone here called RIM for support and actually received support?
  2. What major problems have you run into with ZCB and BES? Which versions?
  3. How many mailboxes/devices do you support in a production environment?
  4. How has adding BES and ZCB complicated your environment?
  5. Has adding BES and ZCB increased calls for support from your end users at all?
  6. Have you had any issues with respect to applying device security policies?
  7. Were you using Zimbra Mobile with other devices before moving to BB devices and BES/ZCB?
  8. Has anyone's organization moved away from BES/ZCB in favor of Zimbra Mobile and devices that support ActiveSync? If so, why?

Thanks for taking the time to help!

- Clay