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Thread: Best solution for small/medium business?

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    Default Best solution for small/medium business?

    I am looking for some information from my fellow small/medium business users about the best path to implementing the ZCS for Blackberry. My company is currently trialing blackberry deployment with about 5 devices company wide currently, potentially looking to expand to cover ~20 employees if we can get everything working well with the initial devices.

    What is the best route to getting Zimbra to sync with these devices? I know very little about BES, but it seems to be designed for much larger scale deployments than ours. I have also looked into the NotifySync software, which seems to be perfect for our needs, and lists Zimbra compatibility:
    ActiveSync for BlackBerry - ActiveSync Compatibility for BlackBerry | NotifySync

    We currently use Zimbra Network Pro edition, and I want to make the sync as seemless at possible (cradle-only sync is out of the question). Has anyone else here had success implementing this with a small userbase? What solutions can you recommend?

    Thanks in advance

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    I use Zimbra BlackBerry Connector and BES 5.0.x server to serve my BlackBerry users. Works great. No annual/monthly fee that NotifySync requires. However BlackBerry Enterprise licensing is an up front cost.

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