I have a BB that no matter what I do, the contacts are not syncing.

I am worried that the following is the problem:
KB24873-"The enablement process has not completed" appears when attempting to configure multiple Private Folder synchronization

In there, it specifies that BES 5 has a problem if there are sub-folders with the word 'contacts' in it. The workaround is to rename the subfolder.

Unfortunately, every Zimbra user has a folder called "Emailed Contacts" which it is not possible to rename (that I've found).

So, this seems to be a major incompatibility between Zimbra and BES.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I've done the secret rset in the contacts options, I've done the secret ALT cnfg in the enterprise activation to re-activate. I've power cycled and removed the battery.

I'll go mine the BB log files now and see if I can find something there.