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Thread: After complete installation no GAL syncing

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    Default After complete installation no GAL syncing

    Hey guys,

    we are testing the Zimbra Network Edition. Everything works fine, but we don't manage to use our Blackberrys with it. We installed everything explained in the admin guide on our Windows 2008 Server R2 (Outlook 2007, ZCB, MS Collaboration Data Objects and the latest BESx). Installation works fine, but it don't syncs the GAL, we only get this log:

    09-05-2011 16:21:55.846 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. generating wait set request - id: , seq: 0
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.847 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. looking to add/delete accounts from the wait set request.
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.847 [3196]: In Zimbra::Store::StoreContextManager::GetContextForStore
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.847 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::StoreContextManager::GetContextFromMap. Found context for store
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.847 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. processing account: besadmin@zimbra.intern
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.848 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. sync token for user: besadmin@zimbra.intern is : 1201
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.848 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. adding add wait for new account: besadmin@zimbra.intern
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.848 [3196]: TRACING => Zimbra::Rpc::UserSession::GetInstance, profileName = BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfile
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.848 [3196]: DEBUG: Zimbra::Rpc::UserSession::GetInstance - get a user session (0x2e5bdb8)
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.848 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. issuing wait set request
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.848 [3196]: *25* Enter Zimbra::Rpc::Connection::SendRequest ...
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.848 [3196]: DEBUG: Zimbra::Rpc::Connection::Connect - thread 3196
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.848 [3196]: Zimbra::Rpc::Connection::Connect. request will be POSTed to /service/admin/soap//AdminWaitSetRequest
    09-05-2011 16:21:55.848 [3196]: *25* <<<<-------- HTTP stream Start (Request) ----------------------------------------------->>>>
    09-05-2011 16:21:58.099 [3196]: Zimbra::Rpc::Connection::IsSSLError. [12007] is not an SSL mismatch code.
    09-05-2011 16:21:58.099 [3196]: *25* ERROR: Zimbra::Rpc::Connection::SendRequest - failed on WinHttpSendRequest(...), Error Code: 12007(The server name could not be resolved.)
    09-05-2011 16:21:58.099 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. RPC Exception - SendRequest failed with Error 0x2ee7. Desc The server name could not be resolved.
    09-05-2011 16:21:58.099 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. unexpected RPC exception, reissuing the request
    09-05-2011 16:21:58.099 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. failed adding wait account from user list: besadmin@zimbra.intern
    09-05-2011 16:21:58.099 [3196]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. going to retry wait set request, nothing to process. this is not necesarily an error.
    Every two minutes the same log. Does anyone know, what to do?

    Thanks in advance!

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    For those having issues with the GAL sync - I found another issue which might be checked for troubleshooting: I installed ZCS 7.1.3 on SUSE 11 SP1 and BES Express SP2 on Windows 2008 R2.

    First of all, there are several lists of Windows updates not to be installed on the BES server - I never managed to find the right selection of updates. I ended up in not installing a single Server update, just the Outlook 2007 SP2 to get BES Express working.

    As well, I had to give up the idea to use Active Directory authentication on ZCS and BES WebDesktop - ZCS works fine with AD authentication, but I was never able to use the it on BES Express for users (although I discovered a successful login on the AD logs).

    Next issue I was fighting with, was the GAL synchronization - the initial sync did work fine when setting up BES Express, but further changes in the GAL never got through the BES. I discovered that after installing/resinstalling ZCS a few times, the default COS of Zimbra does not have the "Enable Mobile Sync" enabled.

    Being very patient and restarting the BES services, the sync finally took place. Still I am not yet sure how long it takes to perform the sync nor if the "Refresh available user list from company directory" option on the BES WebConsole or a reboot of the BES server did the trick. I know from experience with BES 4 and ZCS 6 it can take up to several hours to get the GAL updated in BES!

    Hope this will help others to accomplish the highly complicated and confusing way of installing BES Express on Zimbra!

    PS: Regarding the isSSLError - I also have this in my ZCB log, still the sync seems to take place...

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