Hi all,

I'm new to the Zimbra environment so please bear with me while I try to explain my problems and understand my options.

We have a new Zimbra server setup in a 3 server Proxy environment. (All version 7.1.1) The proxy environment was setup by another IT group within our organization.

I installed the Blackberry Connector only to find out our proxy environment is using port 443 for its communication. It's also important to note I do NOT have global admin access to our environment. Only delegated administration access to our server alone. Not sure if this is problem or not but I figured this was a good thing to note as I ramble on about my problem.

So hit Google for some help on this problem and come across the following URL

BES Installation Issues - Zimbra :: Wiki

I read through the information trying to understand what is being suggested and it's lead me to some additional questions.

1. Is this problem resolved by implementing the solution from comment #6 from bug 31053? Is this something that can be done now or needs to be built into a future release? If it can be done now, has anyone has tried the solution?

2. Can the port being used for Zimbra proxy be changed to something else besides 443? Is that the default port for Zimbra Proxy?

3. Can the port being used by the connector be changed to use a different port?

4. (Off-topic) If I'm able to get all the proxy stuff sorted out (or turned off), will not having an account with global admin rights cause a problem? Can a delegated domain admin account accomplish the same thing in the case of mail store access??

Thanks in advance for the help.