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Thread: 7.1 One user with both BES and "Exchange"

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    Default 7.1 One user with both BES and "Exchange"

    G'day all,

    I have a user currently using Zimbra Desktop on his laptop and a Blackberry with BES Express. The combination works *excellently*. He's just bought an iPAD, and I wondered about the feasibility of using an "Exchange" connection for that (like I do with an iPhone) and having a 3 way sync between the Desktop, the Blackberry and the iPAD.

    I could set up a test account, but I thought I'd ask first to see whether its something that has already been tried?

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    Yes works perfect. You need to enable "Mobile Sync" for the user to use "Exchange" or "ActiveSync" on devices.

    Its fun to find which device receives mail faster.

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