Hi all!

I'm running into a problem with my Blackberry server losing connectivity to my Zimbra server. This temporary loss of connectivity causes my Blackberry server problems reconnecting to the Zimbra server.

I see this in my MAGT log
Handheld restart requested for xxxx.xxxx@llproducts.com, reason: 'Mail server connectivity problem'

Both machines exist on the same VM so I know both boxes are running.

In researching this problem I looked at my mailbox.log and I see the following message at the same time this starts happening with the BB.

2011-09-09 19:21:25,550 INFO [btpool0-138://xx-zimbra.xxxxx.com:7071/service/admin/soap//AdminWaitSetRequest] [name=blackberry.admin@xxx.com;mid=53;ip= 6;ua=ZimbraConnectorForBES/;] soap - AdminWaitSetRequest

This go on until I access the server, kill all BB processes and restart the server.

I did the whole Google search for this problem and I stumbled across the following thread:


In the sixth response from Eugener he suggests the following.....

Most likely you are running into the ZCB licensing issue. Starting from ZCS 7, ZCB uses 'MAPI accounts limit' instead of 'Mobile accounts Limit' to determmine validity of license. The following bug has been opened to correct the issue:


As a workaround until above bug is fixed, please make sure that you have atleast one 'MAPI accounts' license for ZCB to function properly.

I can't view the bug that's been opened (even though I created an account) so I'm wondering do we need to have a MAPI license to make this work or is this an old bug that's been fixed in a more current version of ZCS. One thing to note is we are NOT using a trial license of the ZCS server.

Am I missing something? Or is this the same problem?

Thanks in advance for your time