I am getting complaints from one user not receiving some of his emails on the bb. I have checked the MAGT log and alas, some of his emails get filtered.
[30247] (09/12 22:27:40.201):{0xB5C} Server stats - Msgs: Forwarded 3441, Sent 237, Pending 5, Expired 0, Filtered 9, Forwarded/Min 0, Sent/Min 0
I tried to check his filter rules on the bb admin service, but I ran into "The enablement process has not completed. Once complete, the redirection folders will be available." message on User / Messaging Config > Default Config / E-mail.
Apparently, the besadmin service account has insufficient privileges on the mailserver. (KB02276) Any idea how to resolve this? A way to erase all bes filters would be an acceptable quickfix at this point. 10QIA.