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Thread: Unable to assign BB device to an user

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    Default Unable to assign BB device to an user

    Hello forum members!

    The setup:
    BESX 5.0.2 running on a windows server 2008 R2
    Zimbra Connector for Blackberry Enterprise Server 7.1.3
    Zimbra 7.1.3 as company mailing solution

    I can´t assign a Blackberry device to an user
    Error message: "The BlackBerry Administration Service was unable to retrieve specific device attributes from the device that is connected to your computer"

    I have read a lot of topics about this issue but i´m out of ideas, i have checked the following:
    .) delete re-added the user
    .) deactivated re-activated the allow any PIN activation
    .) etc...

    currently i have two problems:

    1.) blackberry messaging agent failed to start. error code 5305
    2.) my besadmin account is not visible in GAL, but i have enabled the checkbox for this account in the zimbra account mgmt tool, so he should be visible in GAL (so i cannot check the IEMSTest for the besadmin account)
    3.) i also found at the Alert log the foloowing entry every hour:

    [30000] (11/21 03:20:29.319):{0x44C} [Alarm::ActivateAlarm] Queuing alarm: <N/A> | BlackBerry Controller (Application Event Log on | 11/21/2011 03:20:29 (AFFF4FB6) -> 'xxxx.cp.local' agent 1: will not restart - reached the maximum of 10 restarts per 24 hours, next restart on Mon Nov 21 09:18:35 2011

    So i think point 1 and 3 are related together

    Edit, i have found another error in the MAGT logfile: Failed to open reg key Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\BlackBerryServer_Agent1\dca740c 8c042101ab4b908002b2fe182 to retrieve the Global Catalog Server (GCS)

    I have checked the regkey but i have no BlackBerryServer_Agent1 profile found?
    Just the two BlackBerryServer and the BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfile

    thank you for any input or info

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