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Thread: Bes 5.0.3 + zcb + zcs 7.2

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    Question Bes 5.0.3 + zcb + zcs 7.2


    If someone could answer if the following scenario is possible:

    I'd like to run BES 5.0.3 + ZCB and ZCS. Is it possible to have mail delivered to the blackberry and then removed from the mail server after the message has been delivered to the handheld? I actually do not want to store mail on the server. Similiar to POP3/Mail client.

    We would run about 100 handhelds and e-mail accounts. Each individual user would be responsible for backing up mail on their own blackberry.

    Is this possible with a small cache on the ZCB? Could there be a routine that deletes mail on the ZCS, but does not remove the message from the users blackberry?

    Sorry, I'm a little new to this, but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    My advice would be just don't do it. I know this is not what you were looking for but I want to make sure you were warned: this is not a good idea at all. Beyond the obvious advantage of providing calendaring and a webclient for your users you should also consider that this will not be similar to a POP3 client: if your bes fails and you have to redeploy then you will have to wipe and reprovision the handhelds and if you script your zimbra to trash every synced mail then that means the mailboxes on the handhelds are empty. Until the users load their backups (which they may or may not have) anyways.
    And all this for what? to save 200 bucks on hdd? I don't see the point. However, if you are determined to go down that road then I recommend you shop around for other mail servers, if you don't want the webclient, the calendaring, the cal, then there is an Australian product that can be hacked to sync with BES and costs significantly less. Just my 2c.

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