I am having trouble activating an account after removing / adding to a newly installed BESX. Entreprise Activation times out with Connecting to Server on the device. I have the dreaded "Still handled by Desktop" in the MAGT log but
  1. I only get this for this very user, other accounts activate fine
  2. after the activation attempt the device ID is dispalyed correctly on the BESX admin interface and
  3. I also get PMDatabase::OpenNamedFolder: opening existing folder 'BlackBerryHandheldInfo' in the MAGT log.

I have been told to delete the hidden folder 'BlackBerryHandheldInfo' from the user account with MFCMAPI. How do I do that? I installed the program on the BESX server but it browses the besadmin account (the one specified in BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfie) and I can't seem to find a way to instruct MFCMAPI to open a synced user profile. Please advise.