Hi Guys,

Just want to say that we have installed several zimbra bes in the past, some with flawless execution some with out.. However this takes the cake. Version 7.2 release of zimbra with the latest ZCB from the server and Version: of bes express= maddening experience.

We cannot for the life of us make the bes console see the users from zimbra (we are still in test phase, with a split domain exchange 2003). When you go to add users from the BES Express console, the list presented is a the list from Active Directory, not the GAL from zimbra. We have confirmed that the outlook profile has the correct GAL. We have reinstalled 3 times. We also have another client with the same issue on a production zimbra 7.2. What are we doing wrong??? I have never seen this. We even created a seperate user account as to not conflict with the existing BES Express for exchange installed (zbesadmin vs Besadmin). I will escalate this to support as we are a NE client, but I was wondering if anyone else had tried this and made it work.