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Thread: Outlook connector from previous install?

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    Default Outlook connector from previous install?

    I'm not positive this should make a difference, but here we go. I had a Unbuntu Network install of Zimbra. Server crashed (long story, but it ended in blaze of fire). I installed a new Zimbra install on a new server. Now when I attempt to connect existing Outlook connectors to the new server, it forever is "processing."

    Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to reinstall the connector?


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    Can you follow the info here:

    And post it?


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    Thanks, I think I figured out the problem. The unique user ID's no longer match since they were created separately. I thought the outlook connector was purely based on the username and not the ID's themselves. Therefore the old account setup for outlook did not belong to the new user setup even though the usernames matched. Recreating the account and importing the email fixed the problem fine.

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