Hi All,

This problem happened only recently but before this everything was working fine. Outlook Connector is being used with Outlook 2003 running on Zimbra NETWORK edition 4.5.5_GA_838.UBUNTU6 on UBUNTU6, with Zimbra mobile feature turned on.

The 3 devices being synched are Outlook, Zimbra Web and Mobile device. Just a few days ago calendar, mail and contacts were being synched without any problem. No changes were made on the server side and also on the mobile client side. Just recently changes made in Outlook will only sync mail and not sync calendar and contacts. Whereas changes made on the Zimbra web portal will update calendars, contacts and email on the mobile.

So I can assume this is an Outlook connector issue as the calendaring and contacts have ceased to sync when changes are made in outlook.Is there anything I can do to solve the problem? Thanks for having a look into this issue.