just need to create a OU where you put all the computers that need the connector

right click on it

tab "group cirteria" (last one)

New and name it as "zcs per machine"
double click on it

go to computer configuration
software settings
software installation
right click on the right white pane and add package

select the zimbra msi through the network location
eg: \\serverName\ShareName\folderName\Zimbra\ZimbraOlk Connector-5.0.7_GA_2450_5.0.2661.7.msi

leave all as default

test it on the computer you moved to the OU by rebooting (you may need to reboot twice)
check on installed applicatino and you should see it

the procedure to update the package is the same
in the same "zcs per machine"
add a new package will be named as "zcs connector....(2)"

right click on the (2) package select
you should see the older connector that has to be selected.

choose Update the package below and click OK

test again rebooting the computer in the OU (may need to reboot twice)

(sorry for the translation of the button and tabs name but we have the domain in italian)