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Thread: 'Other User's Mailbox' disappeared

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    Default 'Other User's Mailbox' disappeared


    Recently set up 4.5.6 on Centos 5 for some testing. Installed ZimbraOlkConnector-4.5.6_GA_1023_4.5.288.msi on XPsp2 and Outlook 2003.

    While setting up some calendar shares, Outlook locked up. After I killed the process and started Outlook back up the - Open - 'Other User's Mailbox' tab disappeared. Uninstalled Office, reinstalled with no results.
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    Default same here

    Same problem here...

    Tried reďnstalling Outlook, recreating profile, reďnstalling / reapairing connector with no results

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    My problem turned out to be a combination of things. Check out the following:
    EnableSharingAddin - ZimbraWiki

    That was half of the problem. I also submitted a log trace to support and they came up with:

    It looks like we are failing to add our menu option to mount a delegate store. Our addin is returning an error
    Causing outlook to disable it by setting the LoadBehavior to 2.

    Please have them try the following.

    1. Close outlook.
    2. Open a command prompt and navigate to the %appdata%\microsoft\outlook folder. Delete the outcmd.dat file.
    3. Restore the LoadBehavior to 3 and run outlook.

    Hope this helps.


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