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Thread: Easy way to figure out version?

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    Default Easy way to figure out version?

    I am having a problem with one of our users. I need to figure out what version of the connector he is using (I am assuming that the problem is that he hasn't updated it like he was asked).

    Is there an easy way to figure this out? I can get into his computer and so forth, but don't want to update it for him, or ask him for that matter, just figure out which version he is using. (This has been a problem user for me, I'm not interested in being civil)

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    Default ZCO Version

    With the Windows Explorer, go into \Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033 (assuming this is English -- otherwise go to the proper place where ZCO is installed). Right click on one of the DLLs (like LSMSSP32.dll), Properties, Version. It will show you the version.

    Alternatively, you can look at the first line of the ZCO log file.

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    You can just get on his PC and go into Control Panel > Add Remove Programs. Find the connector in the list, click on the name and then choose "Click here for support information" and that'll show you the version.

    Obviously if you can't/don't want to visit the PC then the other way is just as easy.

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