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Thread: Tips on how to report errors with the ZCS Outlook Connector

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    Exclamation Tips on how to report errors with the ZCS Outlook Connector

    If you run into issues with the outlook connector, provide us with as much information as possible to help us quickly and efficiently identify the root cause. Some information that helps us:

    1. System Information - provide us with as much system information as possible. The easiest way to get the most comprehensive system information is to export the data from msinfo32.exe. You can find out more about msinfo32.exe here.

    2. Debug logs - the connector spews mountains of debug data to the debug stream. You can use tools like DebugView (free from sysinternals) to capture/view debug output. This will help us track down whats going on.

    3. Rpc tracing - the connector uses WinHttp like the migration wizard. Refer to this post on how to setup tracing for WinHttp.

    4. Server version - let us know which ZCS version you are running against.

    5. A comprehensive description of the issue

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    Microsoft has assimilated sysinternals into their collective.

    Here's the new location of the debug viewer:

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    The wiki page Outlook Troubleshooting Options - Zimbra :: Wiki has more recent and helpful information than Sam's original (sticky) post from 2005.

    That page in turn is outdated for ZCS version 5.

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