We have had a lingering problem since 4.5.1. I tried resolving this through Zimbra support 2 or 3 months ago with no resolution so I would like to throw this at the community.

Scenario with Zimbra connector 4.5.1 through 4.5.6:

1. Outlook 2003(latest updates applied) is open.
2. Adobe Reader(ver. 6,7,8) or Adobe 6.0 standard is open.
3. Send adobe PDF using the adobe send option, through outlook.
4. The email sends just fine.
5. Switch back to outlook and select a mail folder.
6. The folder view pane is grey and Outlook cannot display the folder information. I.e., inbox, etc.
7. Restart outlook and everything is fine again.

This also happens with ACT when sending mail from ACT through Outlook.

Uninstall the Zimbra connector and use POP3 or IMAP and it works normal.

It appears that the external program is grabbing a process from outlook to send the email and Outlook fails to regain permissions to that process. As stated, this only fails to work with the Zimbra connector installed so I have to think it has something to do with the Zimbra Connector.

I have actually lost one customer because of this issue and how much they rely on using the Adobe send PDF option.

Anyone have any thoughts to add to this? I didn't find anything concrete in the Forum's. Perhaps I wasn't searching with the correct key words.

Thank you,
Zimbra staff you can refer to Support Case 00011002, I will reopen.