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    Default Outlook 2007 Beta Overview

    ZCS 5.0 Connector for Outlook 2007 Beta

    Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0 lets Network Edition users to sync email, contacts, calendar, GAL, and tasks to Outlook 2007 via the Zimbra 5.0 Connector (both will GA later this year). Below is information on how to test the new 5.0 Connector Beta for Outlook 2007.

    PLEASE READ this document carefully, there are two discrete versions of Connector Beta. Key points about the 5.0 Connector and the beta program rollout:

    • The 5.0 Connector offers major new functionality designed specifically for ZCS 5.0 servers; it will GA for this platform only (not ZCS 4.5.x servers)
    • Beta availability:

    Today: Evaluating basic 5.0 Connector client functionality with Outlook 2007 is possible with ‘preview’ Beta 1 that works with ZCS 4.5.6+ servers. This is build version v5.0.306.

    6 – 8 weeks: When the ZCS 5.0 server Release Candidate is publicly available, it will contain the latest 5.0 Connector build for beta testing (check here for updates)

    Reminder— betas are pre-production software; please do not deploy this in your production environments! It is for EVALUATION ONLY.

    Feature Overview
    Users of the Connector Beta 1 (v5.0.306) with a ZCS 4.5.6+ server will immediately notice the following enhancements in Outlook 2007:
    • Improved Calendar views and To-Do Bar integrated with Zimbra Tasks
    • Support for RSS feeds and attachment previews
    • See your Zimbra mailbox quota in Outlook
    • Improved support for Roaming Windows Profiles

    More features are available on subsequent beta builds where the 5.0 Connector uses the ZCS 5.0 server:
    • Outlook 2007 Reminders sync to the Zimbra server
    • Support for Zimbra Mail Identities- you can have multiple ‘reply to’ and ‘from’ addresses
    • Outlook Color Categories (tags) are compatible with tags in the ZCS Web Client
    • Ability to mark appointments and tasks private
    • Support for images on contacts
    • Zimbra mail filters automatically sync with Outlook 2007

    For a full list of Zimbra 5.0 Connector features please see Zimbra PM Web (look for “Conn for Outlook” in the Component column).

    Feedback, Bugs, and Support
    As always, we first ask users share their experiences, issues, and feedback in the Zimbra Outlook 2007 Beta Forum so all benefit from the shared knowledge.

    Additionally, if you find a reproducible bug we ask beta testers please report this in Bugzilla (Product = ZCS, include server version, and Component = Conn for Outlook). Please remember to search for the bug first to avoid duplicates!

    Important notes on bugs: Because all subsequent beta builds to v5.0.306 will be ZCS 5.0 server compatible only, testers remaining on ZCS 4.5.6+ servers will not see any bug fixes (eg there are no new builds unless you switch to ZCS 5.0 RC)

    Exception: a bug determined by the Zimbra team to be an egregious show stopper may force an update of v5.0.306 (but that is not likely)

    Lastly, though we do not officially support the 5.0 Connector Beta, the Support team will be on hand to answer queries for customers who are stuck and need assistance (please file tickets in the Support Portal). Support policy:
    • Support team will field basic questions
    • Because none but the most critical bugs will be addressed, be prepared to be asked to revert to the production 4.5x Connector if you’re blocked

    Known Issues
    • You can find major known issues in the Release Doc in the Support Portal
    • n initial sync may be required to upgrade from the 5.0 Connector Beta to the 5.0 Connector GA

    Getting the 5.0 Connector Beta

    Reminder— betas are pre-production software; please do not deploy this in your production environments! It is for EVALUATION ONLY.

    Users can get the 5.0 Connector v5.0.306 preview beta by visiting the Zimbra Support Portal. Inside you will find a link in the Support Menu on the left for ‘ZCO 5 Beta’ to download it.

    Later, the full Connector 5.0 beta will ship as part of the ZCS 5.0 Release Candidate. The Connector can be found in the web Admin Console in the Downloads tab.

    If you have trouble getting into the support portal or do not have a Network Edition Customer support ID, please contact your salesperson or the support team (this includes Network Trial users).

    Installation and Reversion
    To install the Connector, simply run the msi file that was downloaded. There is no need to uninstall any 4.5.x Connector that you may already have.

    In the event you find the 5.0 Connector Beta unsatisfactory, you can always revert to the 4.5.x Connector. To do so, you’ll need to uninstall the 5.0 Connector Beta, then re-install the 4.5.x Connector, and perform an initial sync.
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