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Thread: [SOLVED] Imported Appointments do not Upload to Zimbra

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    Default [SOLVED] Imported Appointments do not Upload to Zimbra

    I recently imported a series of appointments into Outlook (from a CSV file). These showed up correctly in outlook, but are not visible in the Zimbra web client, nor do they import into my Windows Mobile 6 device correctly (when sync'd through the Zimbra server).

    Any clues on why this might be / solutions?

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    Default Solved - Workaround

    So I was unable to get Appointments imported via CSV to appear in Zimbra. Not happening. However, there is a workaround, and it involves Google Calendar (or some other 3rd party calendar app). If you import as an iCal (ics) format, Zimbra does notice and sync the events.

    Here's a quick HowTo:

    1) Appointments enter as a CSV document. In my case, they came from a custom script which spit out Outlook-formatted CSV data for scheduling.

    2) Import into Google Calendar via Calendar > Add (little arrow above calendar list) > Import

    3) "Share Calendar" with yourself, and download as iCal format. Save locally.

    4) Import into Outlook as you normally would (File > Import > ics data).

    5) Enjoy your new apps!

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