I've been running zimbra network for some time now, testing around 20 users in prep for a large scale 400+ deployment, and have found what seems to be intermittent problems which require a profile reset and resync to solve.

While this is not a major issue with only 20 users, most of which are relatively sophisticated, scaling up to 400+ users seems like it is going to be an exercise in frustration. This would cause project failure and at worst cost me my job or at least cost me a very serious amount of leeway and goodwill...

What I would like to know is if Limited Mode user is part of the standard test suite for regression tests (if they are run..) on ZCO. At the moment it seems like the answer is no. I need some assurance that the answer is and will be Yes.

Our Network Admin is unprepared to allow general access to Power Users group or Admin group.