Iím having trouble sending PDF attachments using Outlook and the ZOC. It seems to be linked to the content of the PDF and maybe the way Outlook (or the ZOC) is encoding the email attachment? This only started happening when we migrated to Zimbra and the ZOC, previously using the same Outlook installation via POP3 we could send PDFís without problem.

Using our stock control system (Insphire) we output a quotation as a single page PDF (15KB) (I believe it uses Crystal Reports). This is then sent using Outlook, when the file is received Acrobat prompts ďThere was an error opening the document. The file is damaged and cannot be repairedĒ

Using the same system as above but with a 2 page quotation (25KB) the email is sent and received without any problems!

Iíve also tried using Acrobat Distiller and printing to a PDF file from MS Word. The test file had one line of text. This was then sent/received using the same procedure above. The received file appears as a blank page but no error dialog! Although if I embed a WordArt box in the doc and resend itís fine!

I donít seem to have any trouble sending more complex PDF documents created in Illustrator/Photoshop!

I also donít have any problems if I send using the Zimbra web interface. Unfortunately this isnít an efficient workaround for the majority of the staff.

Outlook: 2003 (11.8169.8172) SP3
ZOC: 4.5.0_GA_611_4.5.115

Regards, Kenny