I have some users who are trying the beta version of the 5.0 connector (5.0.306) using Windows XP and Outlook 2007 with our 4.5.6 server.

Two of them are experiencing a strange problem. When they send email, the from address is incorrect and they get an undeliverable message back from the server. A close examination of the message they sent shows that the from address is user@example.com@example.com

If they manually specify their correct email address in the from field when composing a message, the message sends just fine.

I don't know why Outlook would be using this incorrect email address in the from field. That's where I'm stuck.

They are able to receive mail and otherwise syncronize just fine with the zimbra server. The configuration seems correct, if I change the email address field in the configuration and remove the domain (i.e. from username@example.com to username), the connector will not authenticate. Obviously, the accounts work fine through the web client or using IMAP.

This is happening on two of the four systems that we've tested this beta connetor on.