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Thread: Migrating users to new pcs - copy .zdb file?

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    Default Migrating users to new pcs - copy .zdb file?

    I have been looking for some documentation on migrating users to new computers.

    1) It is my understanding that outlook email, contacts, and calendar items are sync'd with the server, so I will have to manually transfer notes and tasks, correct?

    2) How about distribution lists stored in contacts?

    3) What is the best and easiest way to migrate an existing user to a new computer - can I copy the .zdb file, or do I need to back-up the non-syncing items to a .pst file and restore on the new pc, or some other option?

    4) Is there a way to force Contacts and Calendar folders to sync with the Zimbra server, I can add a contact item and it will not show up for some time in the web client.

    5) If I want to backup a users Note & Tasks items from Outlook, I have to backup their complete .zdb file?

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    Default Migrating to new pcs

    Some answers.

    Outlook tasks are synced to the server. No need to transfer. The same goes for distribution lists. Contacts and Calendars sync. To force, just hit F9 (or Send/Receive). If you want to transfer notes, you can just export them to a file (like a .pst or something else) and just import them from the file on the new pc.

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    Default Migrating to new pcs

    To answer question 3, the best way is to create a new profile on the new PC, and do an initial sync. To get the non-syncing items -- yes -- you would back up to a PST or file, and then import.

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