Hi Guys,

This is a curious problem. I have been able to recreate a bug that one of our clients is experiencing. I will try to describe it:

The version on this server is "4.5.9_GA_1455_RHEL4 16th Oct 2007".

All items for a shared calendar appear fine through the Zimbra web interface. No problems there. However when a shared calendar is viewed in Outlook (both 2003 and 2007) only certain items display. If we look at an item that does not display in Outlook by using the web client, we can see the subject and the time only. If we look at an item that displays in both the web client and Outlook, we can see the organiser and attendees in addition to the subject and date.

Interestingly enough, if we open an item in the web client that cannot display in Outlook and then save it...it will then appear in Outlook, but only until you close Outlook and reopen it. Then it disappears.

Is this a known issue?

I am trying this with the very latest V5 RC2 connector.