Hi Guys,

Not sure if this goes in the outlook connector section, or here.. but I seem to be experiencing strange things with the calendar sync between outlook and zimbra.

The problems really fall into three categories:

1. Outlook keeps crashing trying to import my old calendar (saved off to a .pst, and then imported). Is there another way to do this? Or is it a bug at the moment?

2. When outlook does import (at least some of my old calendar) to Zimbra, the year part seems to have been lost.. so I get all my calendar events on top of each other in 2006. Weird!?

3. The timezones seem to be really screwed. In outlook the appointments show, for example, as being 14:00 -> 16:00. In zimbra they show as being 22:00 -> 00:00. When I click to edit, they are listed correctly as 14:00 -> 16:00 but are wrong in the calendar display view. This also seems to be causign problems when an event added in Zimbra is displayed in outlook. My PC is set to GMT timezone, as is Zimbra server (as far as i know!).

Many thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!