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Thread: Outlook 2003 going crazy

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    Unhappy Outlook 2003 going crazy

    Our company had recently migrated to Zimbra ZCS 4.5. Ever since I installed the Outlook Connector for Zimbra, my Outlook has gone sort of crazy. It is working properly, but Outlook seems to be synchronizing files or folders continuously. It is slamming my CPU from 75 to 90% and freezing my machine for 10 to 20 seconds out of each minute; it is constantly hitting my hard drive. Has anyone seen this? If I shut Outlook down the activity disappears. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Which release of Zimbra is this? There was a bug in an earlier version that showed this behaviour of constant re-syncing. I'd suggest you upgrade to the most recent 4.5.10 release and try again.


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