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Thread: Spam training?

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    Default Spam training?

    We have a great portion of spam each day, a part is filtered by the spam filter. Within the web client it is possible to train spamassassin. First question, is this training for system wide spam protection, or is the training done for each user?

    Second one, more important and why it is in this section, is moving it to the junk folder in Outlook with the connector the same as pressing the "Junk" button in the web client?

    Is it possible to train the engine like this?

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    You need approx 200 spam & 200 ham tokens trained to enable bayes, you can manually throw some at it using this method: CLI zmtrainsa - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Move to junk doesn't yet, but there's this RFE in: Bug 9532 - IMAP/Outlook move to junk doesn't train anti-spam
    You can however forward the mail to or (whatever you set those names to) and it should train the filter.

    It's system wide, sounds like you want to vote for this RFE as well: Bug 3870 - per user Spam Assassin score

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    Default gets sent back as undeliverable? A junk button is really required to make this work properly.

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