Using ZCS 5 and the Outlook connector with Outlook 2003, I'm unable to change the sender's email address.

I set up the account originally using the user's initials - so jb01@mydomain.com

Now I want to send as joe.bloggs@mydomain.com

Using the web client, in user preferences -> Accounts I set the outgoing email address for the single account. Now when the user uses the web client, their mail sends correctly.

In Outlook, I opened Tools -Options -Personas

One account is listed as:

DEFAULT | joe.bloggs@mydomain.com

Below in the persona settings, only the name is editable. The email address is grayed out, but is correct - joe.bloggs@mydomain.com

I changed the login under email accounts from jb01 to joe.bloggs@... and while the account still logs in successfully, outgoing mail still sends as jb01@...

Can anyone suggest what I need to do to make Outlook 2003 send using the new email address rather than the username?