I'm installing the ZCS Connector for Outlook 5.0.1 on many Windows XP SP2 computers (all up-to-date), and I have two where I can't get it to work. Here's the specific behavior: The ZCS Connector installs fine, but ends with the message about "could not create Zimbra profile, do it manually". (Fine, I see that a lot.)

So I try to create the Zimbra profile, using either Control Panel->Mail, or just starting Outlook 2007 SP1. I choose "Manually configure", then I choose Other and the "Zimbra Collboration Server", and then nothing happens. I can see that Outlook is using about 50% of the CPU cycles, but it never completes, not even when left for 40 hours. When I force Outlook.exe to quit using Task Manager, I see that no Zimbra.zdb file was ever created. This PC is in perfect working order otherwise, and I'm a Windows expert. The underlying Zimbra mailbox is fine, it's not huge, and I can use it with Outlook on other computers. These PCs had the GroupWise Win32 client previously, but that has been uninstalled (and confirmed gone in the registry).

I have tried everything I can think of, and nothing has worked: uninstalling/re-installing/repairing ZCS Connector, Outlook (Office 2007), Windows NT Messaging; removing or creating other mail profiles; deleting all mail profile and Windows Messaging traces from the registry; stopping all concurrently running programs and services; disabling antivirus and antispyware and search; etc. Using Process Explorer, I believe the specific command that is running forever is (paths removed for easier reading):
rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL Office12\MLCFG32.CPL,@0

I have a gut feeling that the problem is in the MAPI/Windows Messaging stuff, but I can't prove it. I've just turned on ZCO logging, and am capturing a huge log, if that would be useful to anyone. What else can I do? Replacing/reimaging the PC is not an option; one is my desktop, and would takes weeks to rebuild. Has anyone else seen this behavior, and how did you fix it? Zimbra folks, help! Sande