Hi guys!

First, let me just start off by saying that you're off to a pretty good start on Zimbra! Looks good!

However...I have one problem...no Outlook Connector for Outlook 2000! This is a pretty big deal breaker right now for my company. Keep in mind that I'm trying out the network edition of Zimbra for one reason and one reason only...to keep my company from even considering Microsoft Exchange! They really want Exchange and I really need something to convince them to not fall into the trap of vender lock-in...which is my biggest concern with Exchange.

So I guess my question is this: How soon can we expect a connector that will work seamlessly with Outlook 2000? Without this, I can't test Zimbra since everyone in our office is currently using Office 2000. And, I probably won't be able to convince them to pay for an upgrade to Office 2003 for 75 users anytime soon!