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Thread: Free busy ifs is not showing correct data

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    Default Free busy ifs is not showing correct data

    Hi, I have Zimbra network edition 4.5.9 running on Red hat and I use Outlook 2003 and 2007 for the clients.

    I am trying to get the Free busy schedules on Outlook for a certain user and by using a url like:

    I am able to get a .ifb file to outlook but it doesn't not contain any appointments at all! I was reading a few threads on a web based free busy schedule for Zimbra 5.0 and above but I am not in a position to upgrade the server has I lost some mailboxes the last time I did an upgrade.

    I've also tried going to the Calendar options and entering this in the Free Busy option but a general failure error comes from outlook when trying to open the url:

    Finally I tried the instructions on the url below but I don't see a Zimbra Collaboration server certificate and that Microsoft link doesn't work:
    OutlookFreeBusy - Zimbra :: Wiki

    This is sort of urgent as I've been trying to figure out a way to get this for some time and now I am being chased by too many people to get this up and running. Can someone help me?!?
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