Hi Guys,

I am not sure this is even a Zimbra problem but thought I'd ask for some advice.

The Boss is moaning at me about his Email!

Only one other employee has had this issue and both of them are using Outlook 2003 SBE with SP2 in XP Pro with SP4, we are running Zimbra 4.5.9 NE on CentOS4. We are also using Panda Antivirus on each PC which also protects Outlook. We have other Outlook Users who have not had this error.

Very occasionally, when sending a mail strange things happen to it for these Users, either half of the body of the email is missing or an attachement goes astray!
For example the Boss sent two attachments in one mail using Outlook 2003 to a customer, a power presentation and an excel doc. The PPT arrived but not the excel doc! He sent the same message to another address and it worked fine!
He also sent this message to an internal user who opened it in Zimbra instead of Outlook with the same result, no excel and half the body text missing.

I'll type no more about this until I hear that it could be to do with the Outlook connector or Zimbra in case I'm wasting both my own and other forum members time.
So, has anyone experienced something similar or am I barking up completely the wrong tree?