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Thread: Problem distribusting ZCO using AD group policy

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    Unhappy Problem distribusting ZCO using AD group policy


    This is my test environent:
    I have installed windows 2003 SBS R2 and added to the domain a workstation
    using windows 2000 Pro SP4 and later updates.
    I installed outlook 2003 on the workstation distibuting it using group policy
    or from cdrom.

    I use ZCS 5.0.2

    I created a group policy to distribute the connector I see it installs before user login then I can see it installed in control panel but when I start outlook
    it doesn't prompt for connector but for its wclassical first configution wizard.

    If I install the connectot everything works.

    The connector is not customized, no error appears in the event log.

    Did you try to distribute the connector using group policy? is it working ?
    What do I have to check ?

    Thank you

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    distributing with group policy only installs the bits, it doesn't configure a MAPI profile for any users. Users must manually create the profile or you can use the following tool to generate profiles from the command line:

    CreateZimbraProfile - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Sam Khavari

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    The tool is very useful, and I will ry it for an unattended ZCO installation and configuration.

    But the difference between the manually install of ZCO and Active Directory one
    is that in the fist case when I start outlook it automatically prompt for the connector's configuration, in the second the User only can see the clasical wizard and has to select other and so configure.

    Thank you.

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    We are attempting push installs through Novell ZENworks, and are seeing only about 20% success... though our environment is substantially complicated by the fact that we are also trying to uninstall GroupWise and all of its MAPI bits that conflict with Outlook.

    I'll ask permission to post our troubleshooting guide.

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