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Thread: Unsolvable outlook connector 502 problem

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    Default Unsolvable outlook connector 502 problem

    Hi All,
    I tried to install the last version of the zimbra connector 502, I run outlook 2007 on XP2.

    The problem is the following, after installation the installer can't create a profile. Then I open outlook and and error message appears stating the sharingaddin.dll could not be loaded and the addin had been disabled by outlook. There is no disabled component in help>disabled items.
    I reinstalled everything from scratch (outlook + connector) and the message is still there...

    I therefore never get the configuration panel from zimbra and no profile is created.

    If I try to create a zimbra data file the following error message appears:
    "an unknown error occured. error code:0x8004011c"

    Thanks for your help, this is a nightmare

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    Please enable logging.
    Try to create zdb file and post logs or PM.
    Also logs when starting Outlook are welcome.

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