Just installed and used the current OC in the GA release and have found that I have problems sending email (ie nothing moves from outbox) that I never used to have with other versions - excepting previous one I didnt test adequately! I have sent when the clientside FW (Jetico) is off but not all the time and it certainly wont recover when it has previously failed. Not sure if something is trying to make an unexpected or unusual connection that for some reason I can't see in the FW logs.

The initial sync to the local OST works fine so I know that it is authenticating and communication runs ok. The mail item remains in the OST outbox locally and cannot be opened or deleted as it says it is partly sent. Before I go digging and getting debug logs out etc are there any suggestions?

Outlook 2003, SP2, current GA Zimbra and connector. Outlook works fine to an Exchange server and thunderbird runs well as email client to Zimbra as does web client.

Clues or comment?