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Thread: Zimbra send/recv stealing focus

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    Default Zimbra send/recv stealing focus

    Is anyone else finding this? It doesn't matter if I have the zimbra send/recv progress window to not be displayed or if I sticky it, occasionally it steals focus from whatever window I'm working in. This is with Outlook 2007 and the 5.0.2 OC. Probably happens about once every 30 minutes.

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    Indeed, I recently upgraded to 2007 and this is happening. Been driving me batty, and it's taken me a while to be convinced it's the connector, but I am pretty sure that it is. It happens a little more frequently for me (perhaps it's on how frequently you sync)

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    I've still got the problem and it seems more frequent now, I'd say about every 10 minutes. This is with the latest OC.

    You might like to try installing the windows Powertoys and setting "Prevent applications from stealing focus" (its under General). Sometimes it loses the setting so you need to check on it every now and again or write a script to set it automatically. Didn't seem to help me much but worth a try.

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