Using ZCS 5.0.3, I've defined several personas in the Web client. When the Outlook plugin is started, synchronization occurs, but the email address displayed for each persona in the ZCO Personas tab remains the email address defined in the primary identity, and the drop-down list of email addresses for each persona contains only the primary email address! See this image for an example.

Any attempt to designate a persona as the "Outlook identity" on the ZCO persona tab and to send email fails in the Outlook client with the message undeliverable, as does any attempt to change the "From" address manually in the Outlook email composition window.

Anyone have some clues about this? This is a real show-stopper for me: I want to be able to manage several email identities from Outlook, as well as use one persona (different from the primary identity of the ZCS account) as the principal Outlook identity.